A Spark of Life... Gicleè print Edition of 25 2015 'A Spark of Life into the lifeless thing' Volta 1781 The fascination of trying to create a 'man machine' and confusing fable with fact has driven Miranda to investigate the ways humans have crossed this boundary, specifically around the same period that Shelley would have written Frankenstein. The scientist Volta is credited with trying out Galvani's experiment with electricity and frogs’, where by it was discovered that he could make the legs of the dead frog twitch. Volta eventually worked out that the wet muscle tissue conducted a current between the copper and zinc metals he was using. The voltic pile that came out of this discovery was the first battery. A Spark of Life juxtaposes different worlds creating an image that merges drawn line with photography, creating a new place where facts and fiction collide, where we view the figure though his trace in this distorted world.
  • New Life Project : The Journey

    The Journey Gicleè print Edition of 25 2016

    Miranda's imagery embraces the heart as an organ that becomes part of the landscape, melding in with the surrounding trees, which in turn act as veins helping to pump blood (life) around the image.u

    The New Life project is an investigation into the heart from both anatomical and philosophical research.

    what lies ahead for living organisms and the need (or not) for oxygen to ensure future life.

    Commissioned by Jewish Book Week 2016

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out 2015 Self Portait as child Exhibited at National Portrait Gallery
  • The Family Danced

    The Family Danced Gicleè prints Each Edition of 25 2010 Lopatkin created her work from family slides which she projects onto alternate backgrounds and re-photographs; memories are Lopatkin creates her work from family slides which she projects onto alternate backgrounds and re-photographs; memories are played with and created through the overlay of different scenes. But if in photographs we visit the past then Lopatkin does not allow our visit to be so straightforward. The inviting settings at times feel more real than the figures putting real emphasis on the lost memories of these vast parks and welcoming homes. The figures pass through these settings succeeding to unearth some of the hidden memories they conceal by interacting with the interiors and exteriors of the present, playing out the role of time travellers and becoming part of an atmosphere unfamiliar to them.  
  • Lunar Sea

    These images are inspired by the crossover of time and place and how these can merge and mould together in a singular entwined moment. Exhibited at Transition Gallery and Jewish Museum, London
    1. The Swimmer
    2. The Glance
    3. Happy Day
    4. Holding My Face
    5. Looking In
    6. Mystery Man
    7. Patterns